Will Mariners be forced to produce in order to save fanbase?

Just a few quick thoughts about the importance of the upcoming 2011 Mariners season before I head down to Peoria Arizona tomorrow for Spring Training. I am not quite sure the Mariners ownership group are reading the Mariners Nation fanbase correctly, but from my vantage point there seems to be a lot of apathy here in Seattle after the last 10 years of mediocre baseball, culminating in the dismal 2010 season.

While most of the die-hard fans like myself realize that this will be rebuilding season, I am starting to wonder if it is in the clubs best interest to start Michael Pineda and or Dustin Ackley in AAA to utilize the Super 2 rule and thus keep them under team control longer to save money. The fans are starved for at least a competitive and fun team to watch and by not putting these two budding prospects on the initial 25 man roster the Mariners could be losing money in the long run.

I hope to see for myself when I fly down to Peoria tomorrow if these two players, along with a host of other new names are indeed ready to step-up under the new skipper Eric Wedge and give us something to cheer about over the long season. Looking forward to getting some sun and will be posting pictures,videos and stories while Im down in camp. Hope you will be there with me. Go Ms! http://jeffsmariners.com


  1. Scott Rinear says

    Have fun in the desert. Looks like you are leaving town just in the nick of time with another snowpacalypse about to wreak havoc on this city’s supply of salt.

    I am one of those starved to see some of our future stars get some MLB experience this year but I see your point. Right now I am once again placing my somewhat blind (at least 20/100 vision) faith in our new Mustache to take this team in the right direction.

    • Jeff says

      Scott, Yes it is a clear evening here in the desert. Im heading over to the stadium area to see who I run into out and about…more later, Jeff


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