Week 2 = Mariners Fan Apathy Already?

I’m packing for a weeklong trip to London in a minute but thought I would put together a quick post about my thoughts from week 2 of the 2013 Seattle Mariners season. What strikes me most so far is not only the cold start we have gotten off to, or the cold weather but the blatant fan apathy as evidenced by the low turnout this past week. The Mariners set, and then reset the all-time low record for attendance this week in games 2 and 3 of the ill – fated Houston Astros series. Things weren’t much better when Felix Hernandez took the mound for the opener against the Texas Rangers when despite the hoopla of the Kings court etc. only 22,000 braved the cold weather to make it down to Safeco Field to watch that bitter loss. Last night Hisashi Iwakuma threw another nice game to beat the Rangers Ace Yu Darvish and yet was backed by only15, 000 fans on a Friday night. And I’m going to bet that with the Hail and thunderstorms we are having today here in Seattle there won’t be more than 12 o 13 thousand “ True to The Blue” Mariners fans in the stands tonight which doesn’t bode well for the marketing folks and bean counters who are frantically trying to fill seats in 2013.


So one can only speculate that if fewer and fewer fans are actually make it down to Safeco Field than probably  even fewer are watching  the game on TV, and still fewer are reading Mariners Blogs like Jeff’s Mariners Fan Blog! Of course you might want to read this blog a little more if I were to write a little more, but I’m thinking that after the last three years of demoralizing Mariners seasons I’m at best going to be a part-time Mariners Fan blog writer this year. And of course once again I welcome anyone out there in the cyber world who feels they have something to say about this ballclub to get a hold of me and we can arrange a way for you to write once or twice a week. If not it will be hit and miss as far as production here, sort of like our offense with this year’s Mariners.


I’m not even sure where to start as far as a recap for week two except to say that is has been predominantly dismal, coupled with a rash of injuries but as they say it is still really early. If somehow we could win this Texas series and the Detroit series (I know this is a tall order), we may weather the early part of this season all right and the fair weather –fans will start coming out to the ballpark, if not it could get real ugly if we’re seeing home games with only 7 or 8 thousand fans down at the Safe.

Now I’m not going to subject you go on my usual tirade against the Mariners ownership or Justin Smoak, Dustin Ackley, or Jesus Montero. Instead I’m just trying to test the waters and see what the rest of you out there feel about this franchise, our chance of winning, and what it’s going to take to keep you actively involved in this 2013 season? It’s amazing that just a few weeks ago we were all holding our heads high anticipating a .500 season after that great spring, which we know now really does mean nothing, but reality is here in what I would considered to be a make or break season for both Eric Wedge and Jack Zduriencik. As most of you know by now I’ve been following this team for most of the past 36 years through good times and bad, but I think finally the Mariners so-called ownership group has wasted the chance to bring in almost a full generation of potential Mariners fans by giving us such a weak product for the past 10 years. This really is a pity as I know how much people in Seattle like to support their teams, one only has to look over to the Seahawks this year to see the zaniness and enthusiasm are residents exude once our teams start winning. So time will tell, I will be out of the country until the 22nd so won’t be posting anything, for all I know I may not even keep track of the standings, which to be something new for me but I will probably at least check my twitter account and keep track of what’s going on here in the Mariners world. Go Mariners! http://jeffsmariners.com


  1. Jeff says

    Jack ,I agree. Mike Trout is what 21? and he is kicking butt already. We have been hearing about the young guys for the past three years and now there not so young but still not good enough for the Majors. strangely when I look at Smoak, Montero and Ackley all three of them seem to be missing something as far as agility, hand-eye coordination, balance, speed. They may have had great numbers in college and the minors but all three dont look like Majoe Leaguers with that extra something that it takes to make it in the Bigs.Another long year ahead uugh….

  2. Bob Anderson says

    Last night’s game featured an error by brendan Ryan which led to a run, then a missed third strike call by the homeplate ump that led to two more. The tracer showed that it was a defiite strike thrown by Carter Capps. Our entire stating outfield wasn’t there as Morse with a hand injury, Saunders with a shoulder injury, and Gutie with what, leg cramps? These guys are our main offensive weapons. As for pitchin, I would have sent Maurer down after the first outing and called up Danny Hautzen. Still don’t like Smoak”s hitting and what’s up with Ackley? He was supposed to be a high average contact hitter-maybe needs a psychologist…anyway, I’m not giving up yet…

    • Jeff says

      Bob, thanks for the comments on last nights game.It sounds like you too are a hard-core lifer Mariners Fan. we need to stick together! Go M’s!

  3. Paul says

    Strike outs by the Mariners batters is the worst I’ve ever seen! They bat like
    college girls at a picnic in the park. What gives? Lazy swings even.
    Where is the spirit and aggressive batting? Eric must have driven a
    Wedge between his batters and productivity! Sickening to watch.
    Only thing I can get out of a game is to see how bad will they loose this time?
    If only by one run – dull, but if by 8 or 9 runs? – terrific!

  4. Paul says

    I had to jump back in here Jeff, just to relieve my frustration which is built up
    again by watching the Mariners loose another lack luster game!
    Who is this Ackley guy and where did he fall off a truck? Can’t stand to watch
    the guy. i actually root for the pitcher to strike him out every time. Ackley at least twice tonight stood there without swinging the bat at good pitches to hit -and was struck out ! He stands there like waiting for a bus and never lifts the
    bat while the good pitches fly by, then goes and takes a seat. Someone ought to put him in a seat on a bus to Fargo! What? we fans are supposed
    to pay this guy to sleep standing up !!! Give me a break!

  5. Paul says

    Eric Wedge hasn’t got a clue! Musical chairs with his ballplayers will not get the job done. A hard crack of the whip is what gets the lions to roar. He needs to instill some fight in these lazy bone actors. If all they can do is strike out and go through the motions, send them back to the little league or light a fire under their asses! This is Mr. Wedges fault through and through as if we’re all on Summer vacation laying on the beach. Winning at any sport takes a lot of work and sweat. Get to work Eric Wedge!

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