As most of you know there has been lots of sports news swirling around Seattle in the past couple days, some good some not so good. First  we started yesterday off with a rumor that indeed Chris Hansen had made a deal to but the Sacramento Kings NBA team, only to hear today that Georege Maloof whose family owns the team came out today and said that there was no deal pending. Then yesterday we had our annual Edgar Martinez let-down day as not only him but several other deserving players who belong in the Hall of Fame didn”t get in this year as the writers punted  due to the PED controversy and didn”t let anyone in to the Hall.

On top of these dismal stories, word is now out that the Mariners and Diamondbacks had completed a deal to bring Justin Upton to Seattle in exchange for some of our top prospects only to have Upton excercise his no-trade clause in his contract in order to nullify the deal. Lots of sports news, lots of bummers here in Mayberry with skyscrapers which is nothing new for guys like me with 30 years under our belts as Seattle Sports Fans.


But despite all this negativity I have been giddy all week knowing that our SEAHAWKS are still alive in the NFL playoffs and are preparing as I write this  to flying down to Atlanta to take on the Falcons Sunday morning. Call me crazy but I have a feeling in my gut we are going to make it 0-4 in the playoffs for Matt Ryan and his gang down there. Saying this doesn”t come easy for me knowing full well the the roller-coaster ride of emotions that accompany believing in a Settle team . Trust me I”ve been through the wringer emotianally with both the Seahawks and the Mariners over the years hanging on by a thread of hope most years that someday we will have a World Champion in this city besides the distant memory of the 1979 Super Sonics. Now I”m not sure that is going to happen this year as we still have to get by a tough Atlanta Falcons team then face whomever wins the 49ers-Packers game just to get back to the Super Bowl, but myself like a lot of fans I have spoken to are allowing lost dreams to awaken this week and it has given us a reason to hope in the middle of this long, dark winter.


So on behalf of myself and the other Seattle Sports fans who make up the 12th man and who have hung in there since 1976 when the Seahawks made their debut I want to thank Pete Carroll, Paul Allen, Marshawn Lynch and our new hometown hero Russell Wilson for giving us HOPE once more here in Seattle. GO HAWKS!


  1. Mike Herko says

    Upton appears to carry some personal baggage for a financially well off player. The M’s in their desperate need for hitting have offered up a bunch of talent. If Upton’s trying to weasel a new revised contract or extra few mill to waive his contract rites, I tell him to dream on. Fact is, in my book, he ain’t worth the package. The last thing we need is another Figgins/ Bradley show. Or, trading the farm (literally ) for an Eric Blowhard, who’s out six weeks for stubbing his toe. There’s a reason Arizona’s made Upton available in the first place. As is sometimes said, sometimes the best deal is the one you don’t make. Go Hawks.

    • Jeff says

      Mike, Good insight about Upton, and I agree that we were going to be giving up to many of our promising prospects for him though I like the idea that Jack Z. is trying to get another impact player. Go Hawks!

  2. Mike Herko says

    Roger that. I’d much prefer Giancarlo Stanton here anyway; I believe him to be a better fit. In this poker game, it looks like Upton’s burned a bridge and is looking to put the squeeze play on the M’s. I have nothing but praise for JZ, considering the constraints he must deal with. However, it sets bad precedent to have an ungrateful brat dictate ” company” policy, such as it is. Anyone with half a clue would recognize this area for its quality of life, amongst its other pluses. I sincerely hope that they do not ask Griffey to schmooze this guy; What Fan Base remains has suffered enough indignities…

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