Mariners Need to Get the 2015 Ship Sailing Soon

The Seattle Mariners need get underway here in the 2015 season before it’s too late. Tonight was another bummer game despite the fact we scored three runs in the 8th making me believe for a brief moment that after weathering some brutal storms including the horrifying sweep at the hands of the pesky Houston Astros […]

All-Star Game over and Mariners Fans Look to Future

  Well now that the 2013 All-Star game is behind us, featuring a win by the American League and a final goodbye to the greatest closer in the history of the game Mariano Rivera, it’s time to start thinking about the second half. The Mariners were 8-5 in the last couple weeks of the first […]

Random Thoughts from one of the 1681 Mariners Fans left

Since I’m taking off to Chicago this week for a business trip, I figured I should say something to the other 1680 Mariners fans out there about this recent road trip where the Mariners one series both from the Texas Rangers and the Cincinnati Reds was kind of nice today to watch the Mariners beat the […]

The Boys of Summer are Finally Here in Seattle

Well with the debut of young shortstop Brad Miller tonight the “Boys of Summer” are officially here for the Seattle Mariners. Miller joins recently recalled Dustin Ackley, Mike Zunino who picked up the game-winning hit in tonight’s 5-4 win, and Nick Franklin who went 3-5 and now his batting average up to .302. Look out Justin Smoak, Dustin Ackley and Micheal […]

Mariners Week One in Review

The Seattle Mariners are flying back home tonight after dropping the final game of a three-game series with the Chicago White Sox 4 to 3 in the bottom of the 10th inning after Cameron Lowe served up a walkoff home run to Viciedo in what was almost an expected outcome in the Wind City. I […]

Which Justin Smoak will We get in 2013?

Like many of you in the cold dreary Pacific Northwest my thoughts today drifted down to Peoria Arizona wondering what’s going on as the Seattle Mariners start camp for the 2013 season. There are quite a few questions lingering in the air this year as Eric Wedge tries to put together a starting lineup that […]

So Long Ichiro, Thanks for the Memories

Today Ichiro Suzuki left the Seattle Mariners for the New York Yankees in a trade for pitchers and with the Mariners paying $4.5 million of his remaining salary. Those are the raw facts of the deal but the emotional transaction that occurred today for the city of Seattle and us Mariners fans was probably more significant. Like most of you […]