So Long and Good Luck Michael Pineda

Like the rest of Mariners Nation I have had a few days to digest the recent blockbuster trade of pitcher to the New York Yankees for . This trade which included a couple other less significant players, came out of nowhere and has created quite a stir here in Seattle. For the record as much as I loved Michael Pineda the fun-loving Dominican as you can see in the above video that I shot of him last spring training , I think this trade was a good move by Jack Z.

Having said that I want to wish Pineda well in his future as a Yankee and want let him know that in addition to his wicked fastball we appreciated his boyish enthusiasm and genuine warm personality. Every time Pineda came to the mound like a lot of you I would watch the big righty closely. It was things like his somewhat awkward attempts to move around in his giant body, the way he wore his hat, and that big warm and authentic smile which helped make another long dismal season last year more bearable.

We will miss you Michael though our time together was short you made an impact on the hearts of all of us here in the NW. I hope you can stay yourself under the bright lights and pressure of the New York scene where the fans and press don”t care about anything but winning. Someday you will look back at our quirky city and maybe miss us too.

As for the Mariners it is time to move on with a new offensive threat by the name of Jesus Montero. The expectations are going to be high for him given the emotional attachment that many of made with Pineda, but it is time to move on with a slightly better future for our struggling club and it”s die-hard fans. Go M”s


  1. Colby says

    Im not surprised that the mariners gave up a very young and talented pitcher for a 25yr old not that great of a game manager who avg 18 hr. We have no pitching coach of quality and the m’s r heading for another 3rd place finish. This front office stinks along with the fans who think they know baseball. I love the game but its so hard to watch these players who struggle to hit over 240.

  2. Bob Anderson says

    Hi Jeff: I’m down here in Sun City West now. I’ll be lookin for you at the practice games in Peoria soon. Pretty much shocked by the loss of Pineda. I think that he is a diamond in the rough. He should develop into a 20 game winner. I’m hoping for a lot more offense this year out of 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base and centerfield positions. Anyway, as you say, Go M’s!!!

    • Jeff says

      Thanks Bob, Not sure yet if Im coming down this year. Im waiting to see if they pull the trigger on another deal before I spend the money to come down this year. Were getting close but need another Pitcher and figure out the third base situation. Go M’s!

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