Mariners Week One in Review

The Seattle Mariners are flying back home tonight after dropping the final game of a three-game series with the Chicago White Sox 4 to 3 in the bottom of the 10th inning after Cameron Lowe served up a walkoff home run to Viciedo in what was almost an expected outcome in the Wind City. I have watched parts or all of this week’s games and have mixed emotions about our prospects for 2013. The bright spots are Michael Morse who has five home runs already, Kendrys Morales, who had three hits today including a home run and Hisashi Iwakuma who has pitched two great games, including today’s eight inning outing. Michael Saunders and Franklin Gutierrez are both ready to contribute with their bats along with a resurgent Brendon Ryan who is contributing not only with his glove as usual but with his stick so far this year too.

But despite the power surge provided by Morse and Morales, Mariners still stranded seven base runners in both today’s and in yesterday’s losses to the White Sox. This looks so much like what we have seen for the past three years that it’s grown commonplace around here which is unacceptable. However I do have faith that Eric Wedge and Jack Zdurierncik, along with the Mariners ownership group understand that we Mariners fans are ready to compete now, and won’t be rushing down to Safeco Field after Opening Night to spend our hard-earned entertainment dollars on a losing team anymore. I could be wrong but I doubt Justin Smoak or Dustin Ackley or anyone else for that matter, will get a free pass to flounder in the Major Leagues indefinitely like they have in the past when we have so much talent in the minors itching to come up. In the pitching area alone we have the big three: Hultzen, Paxton, and Walker down in the minors as well as Jeremy Bonderman and Erasamo Ramirez all close to being ready to go, and after watching the back three of our rotation all looking shaky this first week I would imagine they won’t be given more than four or five starts before someone is called up.

It gets a little more interesting with Dustin Ackley and Justin Smoak, especially Ackley who had a rough sophomore season and so far is only one for 20 with his new batting stance that looks even more awkward than what he was using last year. Somehow it seemed that Dustin Ackley was considered untouchable no matter what he did but now with Nick Franklin and Brad Miller down in the Minors looking good I think that mentality may be shifting. As for Smoak Initially it seemed he had a new approach at the plate, but the past few games he’s look awkward, nervous and just sort of “Rookie Like” which we have been watching for three years now and it’s getting really old. I saw him today in the seventh inning try to stretch a single into a double and get thrown out by 5 feet and then follow that up later in the game swinging at a third strike that was way outside of the strike zone in a key situation, this sort of looks like the same old Justin Smoak of the past so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kendrys Morales get a few more days starting at first base especially in light of his big offensive outing today.

But having said all that it will be nice to have our boys back home here at Safeco taking on the hapless Houston Astros for three games starting Monday night. I have been to opening-night before and enjoy all the pomp and excitement, but I will be taking a pass this year and instead I am planning on head down to the Safe on either Tuesday or Wednesday night to catch a game. With the soggy weather outside it really doesn’t feel much like baseball season here in Seattle but I needed to put a post on this Mariners Blog for my few loyal fans out there who read me on a regular basis. As usual there is an open invitation for any of you fans of: Jeff’s Mariners Fan Blog to post articles yourself. If you feel like writing here, send me an email or a comment and we can work something out. Because after all this is the Mariners blog where the Fans call the Plays! Go Mariners!


  1. Jerry says

    Mmmn. Ackley looks absolutely confused. What happened to ground gap hitting? Big bats aside (that’s good), until the rest start moving runners around, it won’t happen again this year. Two big sticks but we need runs in between are my thoughts.

  2. says

    I would not give Ackley any more time trying to get it together. Call up someone else and send Ackley to Tacoma or where ever. He has been complete bust.

    • Jeff says

      Jack, It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming him to the show after a heralded arrival throught the Minors.Truth is he doesn’t have what it takes and it is obvious watching him at the plate. He may have been great in college but this is Major League Baseball, time for Franklin or Miller to get a shot…

  3. Mike Herko says

    This is the SAME team as last year with a couple of new shirts. ( Cotton, NOT” Silk ” ). Dustin Ackley may already be a wash due to the ever-incompetent way the M’s mishandle their players. He’s NEVER had the MINOR LEAGUE experience that is so necessary for 99% of all players. Doing that now will ruin his Psyche, they will say. A #2 in the country draft pick?! Forcing this guy to become a second baseman at the Major League Level may have usurped a swath of his hitting concentration. There never was anyone else behind the ” For Years to Come ” DP tandem of Betancourt and Lopez, so Ackley was forced into the second base position. All of the end result is not his fault.
    Justin Smoak, on the other hand , has become the joke of this franchise. The time has long passed to part ways. Traditionally, First Base has been a position for sluggers, not slugs. Jack Z needs to buck up, this guy’s a bust. He may reach his potential somewhere else where the pressure to be a 4hole hitter doesn’t exist, but his shelf life here has expired. 360 degree swings with 2 strikes and a runner on 2nd doesn’t cut it. Situational hitting? 2Strike Hitting? Where were these guys educated in basic batter skills? I know its hard, Jack Z, but you’ve gotta hit your weight. We only had Cliff Lee for 15 minutes anyway.

  4. On Porpoise says

    Commenting on Tuesday – well it’s 0-6 in the first. HYPE…nothin’ but HYPE. Seattle continues to play “projects” that are non-performers. The ownership keeps the payroll low…the HYPE revved up…and fans yearning for a win-ner…same old — same old…even the announcers are in on it…This franchise needs some objective, honest, soul searching for a new approach to MLB. No! It’s not “too early.” We’ve all seen this re-run before – season after season. This is – at best – AAA ball played in an MLB park…there’s a more competitive game down I-5. This team is just another rag tag bag of M&M’s — more Mariner Mediocrity. Mariner fans deserve a winner…not another 162 games of mediocrity…sprinkled with a desperate few moments of meaning.

    • Jeff says

      Thanks for the comment.Not sure what to say about tonights game except Im glad I didnt go! Look forward to more comments you sound like a you might just fit in here!


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