1. Montero is a stud.
    Hit .328 as a rookie.
    Mariner strength is great young pitching, by trading some for hitting can bring some offense.
    Good for Trader Jack in not trading Felix.
    I will be going down to Peoria sometime in march.

    Go M’s

  2. Another thing……………………….
    In viewing the right hand side of the page, the links to elsewhere are just super!
    Bullpen, starting lineup and categories are places that a sports junkie like myself enjoys reading. Never looked at them before this morning.

    Thanks, Jeff for all the work that you have put into this blog.
    You must me one of those teckie wizards.

    • Thasnks for the comments AL.I like the trade as well. Hope we can get another starter and we may just be able compete this year, or at least hit .500….Go M’s!

  3. I am happy that JZ pulled off this swap. No doubt, I wished that it might have been for Vargas and some other arm, but the lack of offense of this team is glaring. GLARING. All of a sudden this hitting lineup looks credible. The addittion of Montero will make better hitters out of those hitting in the middle of the lineup and at age 22, We have miles to go before rendering judgement on this guy’s catching abilities. How many catchers know anything at age 22? Show me. If you are fortunate to have a long MLB career, it will be because every day is a learning experience. Montero will have an everyday player opportunity here. His upside is huge. One other seasoned bat should make this dog hunt. As for the departing Pineda, as huge as his upside may be, no amount of good pitching can compensate for a team .233 batting average. Yes, this team’s offense is pathetic and very, very boring. Pineda will likely win 15-20 games with a team like the Yankees because of their bats. What is he with the Mariners 6-4 with a 4 point something? What a waste of talent. How many one and two run games were lost the last couple of years due to non existent run scoring? That’s the real focus of this trade.
    Grady Sizemore would’ve been a good gamble. One more legitimate power bat convinces me that in spite of whatever Texas or the Angels have done to improve themselves, the M’s can CONTEND. That’s all you really need to do, be able to contend… Its The game itself that decides who the Champs wind up being.

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