Mariners Open at Home with a Thud Losing 4-0

Retires as a Mariner


Lots of warm and fuzzy moments at Safeco Field tonight before the Home Opener including Mike Cameron former M”s center fielder throwing out the first pitch. It was nice to see “Cammy” with that big smile of his back in town where earlier he signed a one day contract with the team in order to retire as a Mariner.

The place was buzzing as usual on Opening Night as 46,026 fans paid to get in tonight hoping to see a win by the team that represents us here in the Great Northwest. Unfortunately things didn”t work out as planned for the marketing folks with the organization who are great at making it feel like a Big league experience. The Kings Court was there, Hydro Races, Overpriced Food and plenty of booze for the Frat Boys and girls out behind centerfield. Yes they thought of everything except the most important thing….A team that can score runs….

looked great in the first inning fanning a pair of A”s and even hit 93 on the radar gun to quiet the ninnies in the Mariners Blogosphere who tried their best to create a crisis around the King”s velocity issue here in the early going.

Bartolo Colon also hit the 93 mph mark and looked better than Hernandez tonight going seven full innings and only allowing three hits on this chilly night at the Safe.The Mariners did get a couple leadoff walks in the bottom of the eighth but Chone Figgins quickly hit into a double play followed by a week groundout by to end the threat and start the exodus home for hundreds of fans.


Sometimes I get a little jealous of the casual fans who come out for Opening Night and drink their beers, check their smartphones and talk about everything but baseball to their friends for the whole game. Chuck Armstrong and Howard Lincoln learned a long time ago that these are the type of fans to cater to not us pesky bloggers and people like you who read our diatribes day after day.


So now that we have deposed of our third and final Opening Night it is time to settle in for another campaign here in “Mayberry with Skyscrapers”. I am trying hard to look at the 2012 season as a fresh start and not let the last two dismal seasons color my outlook, but tonight looked eerily similar to the sort of games we have been seeing in the Jack Z. era. It doesn”t take much imagination to conjure up images of , or out on the field instead of the current crop of Mariners. Of course that”s exactly what the PR and Marketing folks love, anything to distract us from who and what”s happening on the field so we spend money to line the pockets of the 1% who turn a profit on our dreams year after year. Go M”s!


  1. Jerry says

    I would really like to say how exciting was last night. It looks as if nothing has changed from last falls final game. Some new faces and old habits. Perhaps all the travel has taken the toll, perhaps coming back to refridgerator land? What and where is the spark of the first few games? Watching the grimaces of the coaches revealed something.

  2. Mike Herko says

    This is a rusted solid machine, abused to the point of neglect. I want to see Carp and Gutti up and running before I get too worked up. Expect backfires,belches and burps before it starts to catch. However, I’m sure Mike Cameron shares your sentiment. Nobody wants to be shut out by 65 year old Colon. Hopefully, we’ll look back on this as a HaHa.

  3. Jeff says

    Well Glad Im not alone in my obseravtions from last night. It should help to get Guti and Carp back as was pointed out by Mike. But Jerrys comment on “Grimaces” by the coaches really struck a chord with me even though emotianally I think Im in a “Post Grimace” phase now after 35 years of watching this club. I do somehow think there may be a good two month run in this club like last year at some point. I hope it’s sooner than later! Jeff

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