Mariners Nation adrift with passing of Captain Niehaus

Jeff's good bye creation for Captain Neihaus

Today was a little different from last night when we first heard about losing our beloved Dave Niehaus. Not that anything is settled, but it was nice to hear that several of the old-gaurd Mariners who live around here had made it down to the “Safe” to be there for each other and talk about the recent sad news.

Like a lot of you I wore my Mariners gear today and got a chance to talk to old friends about the Great One and his sudden passing. It is way to soon to guess what the future for our club will be like without Niehaus at the helm.

But it has been so wonderful to hear and read about the outpouring and love for our voice of the Mariners. Much has been written in the press and there is an impromptu Memorial planned between noon and 3 pm down at  Safeco Field Saturday. Also there will be a special airing of the final game of the 95 series with the Yankees on 710 Kiro at noon Saturday along with TV specials featuring Dave Niehaus  running on FSN through Sunday.

It is good to know that we really are a united group here in the Northwest when the call goes out in distress for the good ship Mariners. But frankly like a lot of you I am not sure where we go from here. ( forex Expert advisors free download) The Mariners franchise was in deep trouble before this tragedy, and now it feels rudderless for sure.

While I don’t want to abandon ship yet, it still seems like the future is so bleak now without the one shining star to help us get through the long summers ahead. It was nice that Ken Griffey Jr. stepped-up right away with his call yesterday and I echo the sentiment in Geoff Baker’s article that it is time for healing and we need Junior around now to lend-a-hand till we become seaworthy again as a community.

I am sure that there will be more goodwill gestures coming from unlikely places in the next few days as we try to come to grips with our loss, but for now it is just another sad rainy night in Seattle with no Baseball and a crew without a Captain to help us navigate through our collective grief. Yes it is starting to sink in that our voice of summer Dave Niehaus really has been called up to the Big Leagues in the sky.


  1. Scott Rinear says

    Is someone going to rerun the TV broadcast of the 1995 Game 5? Is there a DVD of that game available? We should start some preliminary planning for the home opener next season as it will be a powerful day for sure, and I think we should round up as many people as possible to be in attendance.
    Thanks again Jeff for continuing your blog into the darkness of the off-season, especially this one, as it’s difficult to see even with my high beams on.

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