Mariners lose to Blue Jays by a Touchdown

For some reas

on tonight”s 13-7 loss to the Blue Jays feels like a win or at least a tie. Perhaps it is the fact that after allowed six runs to the Jays in the first inning we managed to come all the way back and tie the score at 6-6. Or maybe it is because hit his fourth home run in as many games to go along with extending his hitting streak to 16 games with a couple of solid hits tonight. And of course there is old who hit one out right after Wells and also got his first walk since June 26th! By the way picked up a pair of hits tonight as well in the loss. As for the pitching well…it sucked all the way from Vargas to Wilhelmsen and Laffey with only managing to quiet the rowdy Canucks on this fine summer night.


Of course it will down in the books as a loss but at least it will provide our friendly Canadian neighbors another reason to go out on the town after the game and pound down a few more cold ones (not that they need an excuse) and spend some of their valuable currency here. These Jays really have quite a group of sluggers these days lead by who homered tonight and now leads the league with 35 dingers. Of course they are doomed to play in the AL East and will need to add some solid pitching if they ever hope to catch the Red Sox or Yankees.


I have been studying all these new youngster batting stances lately and they all are quite interesting especially the upright/uptight stance of our new slugger Mike Carp. But alas it finally paid off to listen to Jay Buhner”s corny observations tonight as him and finally nailed it: Mike Carp looks like at the plate complete with the little bat wiggle. Check it out tomorrow night if you don”t believe me folks.


So tomorrow the Mariners will try to win this series before getting a day off Thursday and then meeting up with the Blue Jays back in Toronto. I wonder if these same goofy ” Lets Go Blue Jays” fans from BC will head over there for the weekend and spend some Loonies back east? Probably not but it will be nice to see how many home runs our new crew will manage in that homer-friendly stadium. Who knows maybe I will head up to there one of these days and try to torment some Canadians with my presence! All kidding aside folks from B.C are usually quite funny and friendly sorts that actually have more in common with us here in the NW then with their counterparts in Toronto where folks are a little more tightly wrapped and intense like Geoff Baker eeeh. Go M”s !


  1. Bill M says

    Glad to see some of your seagoing spirit has returned with the “prospects” starting to show some promise afterall. Are you a Jack Z convert yet? As an amateur fan, I don’t remember being this interested in the team since Gar, Dan, Boonie, and the troops were on their regular season binge. What’s your take on Ichiro bunt? He’s taking a hammering – is it because he’s selfish as a player or is there a passive-aggressive outburst from the media because he won’t talk to them? By the way, why doesn’t he talk to us more?

  2. Jeff says

    Hi Bill, Yes it seems Jack Z. may have found some guys as in Robinson and Casper Wells along with Mike Carp who can actually produce offensively. As far as the Ichiro bunt I have seen him do this once or twice a year over the years and it makes no sense other than it is in line with strategy used in Japan. I believe Eric Wedge let him know after the game that this is not acceptable, good for Wedge. Ichiro has one more year on his contract which is fine, but after that he should consider retiring and not pull a Griffey and try to stay to long. Of course that is tough for any Superstar to do and he certainly deserves respect for his accomplishments. It will be interesting to see what the Japanese majorityowner does regarding Ichiro and his continued involvement with the team.Jeff

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