Mariners Lose 2-1 in eerily familiar 2010 style….

Well that was a depressing way to finish the game watching taking three called strikes to complete his 0-4 night and allow the Washington Nationals to squeak out a 2-1 over the Seattle Mariners. pitched another nice game but our offense looked more like the 2010 version of futility than this years scrappy version.

did let come in to pitch in the 8th and he did a fine job so hopefully Wedge learned from his odd pitching decisions from the night before that he needs to trust Ray and Grey and not overuse his fab four relievers every night. I”m still reeling from last night”s game and it looks like the rest of the AL West teams have started winning on a regular basis now. In 24 hours we have gone from a team that was looking like it was going to be in first place to a club that is fighting to hold onto second with the red-hot A”s on our heels too.

I thought I would post this fun video featuring spoofing an old Deep Purple song “Smoke on the Water”. My friend and fellow Mariners fan Rob Raine who I met this year in Peoria put this together and hopefully it will help cheer you all up.Early game tomorrow then back home where perhaps we can make up some ground with the Florida Marlins. Go M”s


  1. Mike Herko says

    Two pathetic games in a row, Ouch. Get rid of Figgins… He absolutely sucks – I don’t care to watch his sorry ( !!!!!!! ) for another two years-Bring up Lidde, He could do no worse. Nothing like a 3 run homer to hide a multitude of mediocrity. In all your years on earth, have you ever seen so much excitement generated around a maybe .500 team? If Texas, Anaheim and the A’s weren’t stinkin’ up the joint so bad the M’s would/should be in last place. Dump Cust the bust, and solve third base and left field prior to the deadline. Which one of you office jockey’s has got any guts?

    • Jeff says

      Mike,I have finally jumped on the Figgins Sucks bandwagon after tonight’s game.I held out as long as I could but that guy is finished. We may have seen the best part of the season already and it will be all down hill after this,I hope not but after watching this team for so many years I know this is their style.Dont look for management to spend any money for a big Bat soon. Time to move the fences in! Jeff

  2. Mike Herko says

    Jeff, your blog is great, as is your dedication to its success in Mariner good times and bad. Reading your recaps and commentary is always fun. Keep up the great work; I have nothing but high praise for your efforts…Mike

    • Jeff says

      Thanks Mike Good to have you onboard. I hope you subscribed via email and make sure you tell you friends as this is a Mariners Fan Blog open to all to comment, write guest articles,send in photos or youtube clips. I try to keep the language clean and always be honest though at times like the past few days the whole thing can get to be a real drag. Well get to the Series some day, just hope Im still alive! Go M’s!

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