Mariners Fans are Tired of the Eternal Rebuilding Project



Tired of Waiting




The Seattle Mariners had the day off today as they prepare for the San Diego Padres series this weekend hoping to get back on track. I took a couple days off from my Mariners Blog to process where we are at the mid-point of the season and to recuperate from the last ten days of mostly losing baseball. I started this Blog for two reasons : 1) I love Baseball and the Seattle Mariners are my home team 2) I Fancy myself as a writer and had been stuck with writers block for a couple of years and figured one way to get through that was to write every day about something I have a passion for.


Somehow I made it through my rookie year of 2010 and decided to give it another shot in 2011 with the only expectation that the Mariners would improve this year and mange to finish third in the AL West. So far I am right on both accounts. However something unexpected happened along the way……The Mariners got hot for a couple of months and suddenly I found myself hoping and believing again that this might be our year. Nobody forced me to get excited and attend more games than usual, I volunteered for the emotional experience.


But now I just feel kind of blah since June 21st when the Washington Nationals came back in the ninth inning from a 5-1 deficit to beat us 6-5. I know I am not alone in this as most of the people I know in the real world are not surprised that the Mariners are faltering and actually they don’t seem to care much….hmmm sort of sounds like the top brass of the Mariners have us right where they want us.


It seems over the past ten years that the goal has not been winning but selling tickets and creating a family-friendly environment at Safeco Field complete with hydro-races and occasional bobbleheads nights. Truth be known it is has been apparent to me for several years that Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong don’t really care for us uppity hardcore fans who love the game and want to win, and have built their business plan around the casual fan.


This year seems to be no exception as any mention of improving the club is always met by the party-line : “We don’t want to spoil the Rebuilding Process”. So perhaps the business-minded types are not paying attention to the ever dwindling fan numbers over the past ten years and instead plan on stringing us all along forever with the idea that once everything is perfect we will magically contend and all the fans will come rushing back. This is absurd logic and would never fly in New York or Boston or Atlanta for that matter where there are a lot more passionate and vocal fans and media types who expect their owners to go for it every year and thus reward them with full stadiums and large profits.


But alas here in Seattle the land of mellow, outside of a few brave journalists and assorted renegade bloggers like myself, most just either go along with the “Eternal Rebuilding Plan” or fade away completely and go watch soccer or go hiking. It sure gets old and tiring being a Mariners Fan in this town though I’m grateful we have a Big League team even if the top management operates it in a Bush League manner at the expense of the fans. Go M’s!


  1. Mike Herko says

    Geeze, and their master plan is to dump Bedard for a coupla unprovens. Bedard, who has kept this team out of the toilet. Talk about lame. Absolutely disgusting…

  2. says

    I would rather they lose now than later. I’d like to see them have 4,5,6 good years of solid contending in a row instead of a fluke year like 2009. Finally we are getting the young guys up. I don’t want us to contend now just so they can fill the ballpark. I don’t want a “1 and done”.

    You are 100% correct in that all they care about is creating a “fan friendly” atmosphere when they should have been concentrating on developing a team.

    As a season ticket holder I prefer the smaller crowds ’cause everyone is there for the right reason, to watch a baseball game!

    We had a fun ride there for awhile, and hopefully they will continue with the DEVELOPMENT of our future instead of trying to desperately “rent a bat” for an implausible pennant run.

    And the fans will come back, because Seattle is full of a bunch of the bandwagon/fair weather sort.

  3. Mike Herko says

    You may never have an opportunity like this for another ten years. A great starting four. A decent bullpen. Get this team some hitting. The current state of Baseball Economics makes this decision to be a no-brainer, as nowhere else will you find this quality of pitching for the collective salary that they are paying out. This division title is up for grabs… Mariner Brass, show some stones.

  4. says

    The frustration with the rebuilding process is that its been going on since 2002. Granted there has been significant mangerial turn over during that time which always seems to automatically restart the process at least in Seattle. But that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. I agree that we shouldn’t mortgage the future to contend now, but I think we should make some sort of move to help the offense. The AL West is wide open and with a little more offense maybe we could win more of the plethora of 1 to 2 run games we seem to be in. A pitching staff like this one is rare and if we are ALWAYS looking to be good for 4,5,6 years but not for another few years when does it end? And a winning team will eventually fill up the stadium with paying customers…brass gets paid and we get a good team. Isn’t that what everybody wants anyway?

  5. Mike Herko says

    If you pay even casual attention to this team since 1977 you realize that there’s been little to no planning, no future strategic goals, and a total lack of talent evaluation skills. Even the last draft left many Baseball analysts scratching their heads.( Why not Anthony Rendon? Too cheap to pay him fair market value?) Managerial turnovers and GM replacements have been rife, casualties of incompetent, inept administration. You’d think with the sweetheart deal they got for the Stadium that they’d repay the Fan Base in kind. Well guess what? Welcome to corporate America, where the ONLY allegiance is to the shareholder, who shall keep my worthless butt firmly ensconced so long as I turn a profit for THEM. On a list of ten priorities, the Fan Base here in Seattle comes in at #11. The Mariners new web address should be “”

  6. Jeff says

    Glad to see a few others feel like I do on this matter and I appreciate your comments. I don’t have the name of the player(s) we should go after or whom we should trade to get him as this is not one of those fantasy sites. However what I’d like to hear is someone in the front office come out and say they are going to do what it takes to win this year and are looking at all options.I suppose if we continue this little slump we are in till the deadline it won’t matter much but Colarado and Oakland just made a deal, and things can be done before the deadline if the will is there. I was thinking of starting a collection from the fans for a “Big Bat” maybe that will shame the front office into something. I have the first $100 and figure if we raise some money we could at least send a small team to Japan and try to plead our case with Hiroshi Yamauchi the owner. Yes it sounds desperate but some action is better than nothing. Go M’s!

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