Mariners Cannot Capitalize in the Capitol, Riggleman quits anyway



Mariners swept in the other Washington

The Seattle Mariners have a lot to think about on the long flight home from the other Washington after losing 1-0 today to the Nationals who completed the three game sweep with the win today. As usual the Mariners got great starting pitching from starter who went seven innings of shutout ball fanning nine Nationals and breaking-up the no-hitter with a single off in the sixth.


Pineda pitched a great game in the heat before handing over the ball to in the eighth who rebounded from the melt-down on Tuesday with a scoreless frame himself. brought into pitch the ninth and he immediately surrendered a lead-off single to ex-Mariner . The Nationals loaded the sacks with a couple of bunts and though made a great play from his knees at short to get the first out, you knew the National were going to pull this one out just like on “Black Tuesday”. And sure enough they did when veteran Lance Nix hit a sacrifice fly to score from third handing the Mariners a 1-0 bitter loss at the hands of the surging Nationals.


The Mariners starters only allowed two earned runs for the whole series and yet the offense looked worse than it has since April this week. It is looking like is once again choking at the Major League level and is now hitting a measly .179 since getting the call from Tacoma. Peguero seems to be mired in a prolonged slump as well leaving only left out of this batch of rookies to earn a spot on the big club. Of course coming into 2011 everyone was clamoring to let the youngsters play and indeed they are getting a shot with Pinero, Smoak and Ackley looking like keepers with the rest of the kids hanging on by the skin of their teeth.


The Mariners head home 2 1/2 games behind the idle Rangers with the Angels and A”s chomping at their heels heading into an odd series against the Florida Marlins where the National League rules will prevail and we will act as the visisting team despite playing at Safeco. will try to play the role of stopper when the Ace takes the mound Friday. But unless the offense wakes-up it doesn”t seem to matter how well the starters on this club do which is depressing.

As another odd twist to this series Nationals manager quit right after the game despite his team”s recent surge to one game over .500 with this win. Apparently Riggleman was upset that the Nationals Brass would not pick-up his option for next year. Sounds like a selfish motive to me but nothing surprises me these days, I wish would just up and quit!


The Mariners brass needs to decide pretty soon if they are serious about competing this year and if so how are they going to beef-up this anemic offense. I am not holding my breath for a blockbuster trade to transpire any time soon as the realities of the financial obligations the club owes to our current roster will pretty much assure that we won”t be getting the infamous ” Big Bat” that we have been waiting for several years for.Go M”s!


  1. says

    You know… I’m kind of wishing for us to drop out of the race so we can go back to developing the youngsters instead of fighting for a playoff spot. I don’t want this to be another 2009!!

    This has been a roller coaster ride, and just when you think they are for real they go on a little slide like they are now. I’m sure Wedge will light another fire under them and they’ll roll off another streak.

    But who knows, this has been a season of surprises already.

    And geez, what a shocker with Riggleman! His team wins 11/12 and he quits. Sort of reminiscent of Hargrove.

    • Jeff says

      Ben I know what you mean. Since they have started winning it has gotten my expectations up a little higher than is probably healthy so this weeks games make it even harder. I had a bad feeling on Tuesday after we lost that indeed we were heading towards the cellar again and it would be just about player development again. Of course we have already exceeded expectations so whatever happens after this is icing on the cake. The Hargrove thing was ever weirder than Riggleman quitting. Im sure personalities come into play and we may never know what motivates these sort of events. Go M’s!

  2. Scott says

    Michael Pineda, Carlos Peguero, Greg Halman, Mike Carp, Dustin Ackley. I’m not sure how much more young talent the Mariners could be developing and giving this much playing time to at the same time.

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