Mariners Brought back to Reality in 11-5 loss to Rangers

You have to b

e a true Mariners fan to be to understand the feeling of getting a 4-0 lead in the first inning against a team like the Texas Rangers and still know you are behind. Tonight was one of those classic Mariners games where once I saw first then Chone Figgins strikeout with the bases loaded in the first after scoring 4 runs off , I knew we were in for a long night.


And sure enough come the bottom of the first with a shaky on the mound, Brendan Ryan botched an easy doubleplay ball that should have ended the inning, but instead the Rangers closed the gap to 4-2 after a long 41 minute first inning that had some of the worst pitching I have seen in awhile by both clubs. I am not going to talk to much about Yu Darvish except to say he is tall 6″5″” and his father was an Iranian soccer player.And yes Yu Darvish had a shaky debut in the early going but he pitched through it and got the win, so the Texas folks and his fans in Japan still love him. But our boy Hector Noesi is another story all together, he looked tentative, scared and rattled before he even threw three pitches tonight and it got worse from there. His delivery was painfully slow and his execution left a lot to be desired from observing how many times he completely missed his targets that was giving him, and how many times the Rangers made him pay for his wild offerings.


And though the Mariners did get another run in the top of the second thanks to Ichiro and who both cracked doubles off Yarvish, it was Noesi who got the worst of it tonight giving-up a three run bomb to in the third inning and a two-run homer to in the top of the fourth before manager had seen enough for the night. The Rangers ended-up with four homers tonight which seems to happen about every time we play them down in that wretched Arlington Stadium, and so the Mariners are back to scratching their heads to see if they still have their scalps after this one.


You see tonight a few things became apparent to me and I”m sure all of you as well: #1 Texas is not Oakland #2 We have some nice singles and doubles hitters this year but we need guys like Justin Smaok, and to provide some long balls our it”s going to be another long season #3 We need those darn youngsters down in AA to hurry-up and get ready to pitch in the Majors as our F-Troop starting rotation is not going to keep us in games like it has the last two years even at Safeco Field let alone deep in the heart of the Lone Star State.


But alas we are still 3-2 on the year and I would consider salvaging a split out of this series a huge success before returning home Friday for Opening Day #3 this year. I hope Eric Wedge learned from his little experiment of using as a DH tonight for the ailing Montero when he had guys like and on the bench. The prudent thing in hindsight would have been to sit Ryan one more day to let him finish healing and thus possibly avoiding the costly error of his, and put Kawasaki at short with either Wells or Liddi as DH. Put that”s why Eric Wedge gets paid the big bucks and I have to keep my day job! Go M”s!


  1. Scott says

    Nice article Jeff. It certainly was a fall back down to earth. However, I am going to try and reserve some of my “I know we’re going to lose even though we’re up 4-0” energy for at least a couple of months. Our Mariners are not expected to contend this year so I’m attempting to just sit back and enjoy watching the beginning of a few careers of guys who hopefully will become mainstays (Ackley, Smoak, Seager, Montero). The pitching last night was not impressive, and there’s not much to sugar coat with the current staff. But it’s exciting at least anticipating the arrival of our young guns from the minors at some point.
    Go M’s!

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