Felix Hernandez and Erik Bedard the “Odd Couple”

Just thought I would give you something light on this grey Monday morning to try and cheer you up as you slog through your week. This fun video clip was put together by another quirky fan like myself named Rob R. whom I met while I was down in Peoria. FYI I am always open to contributions from you the readers in keeping with my slogan of Jeff’s Mariners Fan Blog “Where the fans call the plays”. Go M’s http://jeffsmariners.com


    • Jeff says

      Hi Thanks for the comment. I just visited your site and commented on the post about the left field job there but will repeat my position here. Unless Milton ” Choir Boy” Bradley completely falls apart the rest of the spring, I give him the nod over Michael Saunders. Frankly Saunders just looks lost and overwhelmed a lot at the plate. And yes he is tall,fast,homegrown and Canadian….but he just seems to lack the “Killer Instinct” eeh…Now of course Milton has no lack of Testosterone flowing and could use a lesson from our mellow neighbors to the North on how to chill eh…Look we paid big bucks for Milton and we should at least put him out in the field till he explodes once and for all…..Jeff

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