Chuck Armstrong to Retire, Stonergate continues…

I have not been able to even consider anything Mariners related since the Seahawks have started playing this year whether it be a new coach hiring or the usual Jack Zduriencik mumbo-jumbo, until I got the news a few hours ago that Chuck Armstrong has announced he is going to retire at age 71. Armstrong cited the desire to spend more time with his family in light of the recent deaths of several close friends with his usual used- car salesman pitch. The reality is he milked this job for 10 years past the point that he or Howard Lincoln were doing any good here and speaking for myself I’m glad he is finally gone.


Chuck Armstrong was a notorious meddler, manipulator and played the Seattle fan base off as naive baseball fans who would come out to the Ballpark that was subsidized by their own tax money and not expect a winning team on the filed as long as the Hydros were running and bobble head nights were plentiful. And he and Howard Lincoln may have been right about a lot of the fans, but for the loyal  hardcore fans like myself and those of you reading this he will never be forgiven for his dereliction of duty turning the Mariners  into one of the worst franchises in Pro Sports History, Shame on you Chuck Armstrong!


Now back to the Seahawks and ” Stonergate” …as most of you know by now not only Walter Thurmond been suspended for 4 games due to a violation of the NFL substance abuse policy, but now the injured Brandon Browner has joined the ” Legion of Bong ” gang with a little toking of his own and is probably not ever going to where a Seahawks uniform again. As messed-up as this is I’m sure the Seahawks brain trust will figure out a way to get somebody like Antoine Winfield or maybe old Marcus Trufant out on the field lickety split. The irony of this is that of course our home state Washington is officially the ” Evergreen” state now where recreational use of marijuana is legal…Go Figure…



Anyway I’m feeling slightly better about the Mariners tonight and slightly worse about the Seahawks so I guess that’s  a wash so to speak….Lets see what tomorrow brings…Happy Thanksgiving and Go Hawks!


  1. Alan says

    Let’s make it a double header and fire Howard, now. Let’s see a commitment to win from the top and let Trader Jack do his thing.
    The evaluation and accumalation of talent w/o meddling from above would let Jack bring some World Series wins to Seattle! Go M’s.

  2. Mike Herko says

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Chuck. By the way, what kind of golden parachute does a bungling incompetent get on the way out? How ’bout you take the other clown with you… Yeah, Calling up Piniella was a real savvy move…Lincoln has no shame.
    As for the Stoners, WISE UP ,MORONS. Life has presented you with opportunities few in the world will ever have.

    • Jeff says

      So glad Armstrong is gone however the damage has been done and not sure if we will be able to come back in my life time…And Lincoln needs to go to…Go Hawks!

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