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Seager Delivers Win for Mariners!

A collective sigh was let out today from the SoDo area around 330 pm today as the Seattle Mariners snapped an eight game losing streak in dramatic fashion thanks to a 3-run walk-off Home Run by Kyle Seager in the bottom of the ninth. Seager’s blast came with one out and two runners on after […]


Mariners Suck Already in 2014

I am not sure what was more embarrassingĀ  today’s 7-0 loss to the Marlins or the Root Sports broadcasting team. Both of which really sucked. I guess I will start with the Mariners themselves who were stifled offensively by Henderson Alvarez who had a perfect game going until giving-up a single to Dustin Ackley in […]


Texas Massacre Complete

  If there is one team in the AL West that bugs me the most it has to be the Texas Rangers. As a matter of fact outside of Austin and the Gulf Coast Cities you can have the whole hot, miserable Redneck State. And it doesn’t help matters much when our Mariners head down […]

Draft Day is a Winner!

After the second weak performance by the Mariners today I decided to go and see the Movie ” Draft Day” with Kevin Costner tonight to get my NFL fix, and I loved it from start to finish! I don’t want to ruin for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, but I couldn’t help […]


Mariners are Kings of AL West

Felix Hernandez got to pitch in an environment suitable for a King tonight with a huge Supreme Court crowd on hand and a young team that once again provided the sort of run support the King has been lacking for the past several years. But the King never complains and instead he seemingly just works […]