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Can you Believe This?

Hello everyone out there in Mariners Nation. I just wanted to check-in and let you know I’m back from my trip to Europe and have been over here in beautiful Port Townsend entertaining family for the past week but still following the amazing Mariners as best as I can under the circumstances. And to be […]


Mariners Battle and Beat Braves in the Sun!

In between packing for my trip to Bulgaria Friday, I got to catch most of the Mariners 7-3 win today from my little hideaway in mellow Port Townsend far away from the excitement of Safeco Field on a sunny August day in Seattle. And although I miss being able to catch a bus from Fremont […]


Mariners Clip Birds Wings 6-3

I spent a lovely  afternoon today at the Port Townsend Blues Festival a few blocks away from my new pad near Fort Warden before heading home to catch most of the return of James Paxton on the mound for the Mariners as they evened-up the series with the Baltimore Orioles in front of 36,508 loyal […]


Great Day for Sports Fans in Seattle

Well I have to hand it to the old Bald-Headed SOB Jack Zduriencik who manged to improve the Mariners without giving-up any of the key pieces in place with the trades he made today. The Mariners GM has been on the shit-list on this  Mariners Blog for a long time, but not only did he […]

Fernando Rodney

Mariners Closer Shoots Arrow to Soon

Ballplayers love to beat teams that they used to play for and Fernando Rodney pictured above who used to pitch for the LA Angels is no exception. Unfortunately despite a valiant effort by the Mariners closer we lost the game today in the ninth inning  5-4 and thus the hard-fought series to the Angels 2-1. […]